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1. Company Mission: Together with our partners, we create a wonderful world of optoelectronics

2. Company Vision: To be a professional and reliable provider of optoelectronic products, technologies and services

3. Company Values: Loyalty and unity, dedication and pragmatism, customer first, happy work, integrity, efficiency, quality, responsibility, win-win


Value Content Explanation and Interpretation
Loyalty and Unity Loyal to the company, sincere to the team, one heart and one mind, sharing and sharing
Practical & Honest   Love work, be responsible, keep improving, and work hard
Customer First Customers are the parents of food and clothing, worry about what customers are worried about, and think about what customers think
Happy work Work as happy as you treat life and live as seriously as you treat work
Integrity Inwardly sincere, outwardly trustworthy, steadfast and reliable, worthy of trust
Efficiency Don't waste time; use time to do the right thing; orderly allocation of resources; efficiency is valuable
Quality Quality is the life of an enterprise, and customer satisfaction is our goal
Responsibility Mission-driven, dare to take responsibility, be serious and responsible, and make a difference
Winning Seek development, share responsibility, create value, and mutual benefit


Address: No. 1 Optoelectronic Innovation and Pioneering Park, High-tech Zone, Nanyang City, Henan Province


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