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Technical Support

Technical Support

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Technical Support

Technical support is divided into pre-sales technical support and after-sales technical support. Pre-sales technical support refers to pre-sales technical support when sales encounter unanswerable product problems; after-sales technical support refers to the product company for its product users. A form of after-sales service provided to help users diagnose and solve technical problems with obvious symptoms that may be caused by the product during the use of the product.

Common technical support includes telephone technical support, on-site service technical support, etc. Including two aspects, one is to carry out technical maintenance, and the other is to carry out service communication.

With the advancement of technology, the nature of technical support work is not completely the same, such as pre-sales technical support and after-sales technical support in the software field, and the technical requirements for technical support are very high, because of the various Such customers must be mentally prepared to encounter various problems and need to be technically faster and updated than users.

In the contemporary 21st century, technical support has become part of the service and an important part of the company's corporate image.

Technical support is not only for the purpose of solving technical problems, but more importantly, to establish the image of the company in the hearts of customers, so that people remember the image of the company, further remember the brand of the products used, and finally achieve The perfect combination of service and brand.




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