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After nearly ten years of development, Nanyang Running Optical&Electronic Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in internal management, supply and sales operations, which has laid a good foundation for the company's long-term development.

Since 2015, the company has started to expand production, taking advantage of the cost advantage obtained by the company's comprehensive technological advantages to gain a head start in the competition. In the past three years, the company's goal is that the technical level, processing level, and management level will reach a peak, and the profitability level will be raised to the forefront of the industry. Based on the stable development of optical and electronic parts, the company focuses on the development and production of components, modules and even complete products, and has developed biometric identification lenses, miniature DLP projector lenses, ultra-wide-angle aberration-free drone recording lenses, and photosensitive sensor products suitable for indoor use in environments where there is serious interference from red light pollution. These have been put on the market, and have been recognized by internationally renowned companies such as Citizen, Casio, and 3M in the United States, as well as some domestic upstream customers.

In order to maintain the company's development orientation, the company has actively cooperated with experts and professors from scientific and technological units such as Shenzhen Vorndeyi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Owen Technology Research Institute. Therefore, the company has strong technical research and development capabilities, which can meet the needs of its company development and product upgrades.

At present, the company has a relatively complete industry sales network. The company's sales department has a professional sales team responsible for market planning and industry and customer information collection. It has a deeper understanding of the basic situation, information and trends of various industries. Promote the establishment of a broad customer base for the enterprise. In addition, it has cooperated closely with Shenzhen Vaughan Deyi Company to form a frontier position in the Pearl River Delta region where the market is developed and sufficient information, and provides sales and market feedback services for the company's development. On the basis of existing products, the company's operation will steadily develop towards the direction of electromechanical integrated modules and complete machines, and its technical reserves, personnel organization and other related preparations are already in progress as planned, and the follow-up development prospects are broad and the future can be expected!


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